SAPD: Man who performed lewd acts in front of 6 women arrested

Terrence Palumbo, 27, charged with three counts of indecent exposure

SAN ANTONIO – A 27-year-old man who San Antonio police said exposed himself at least six times to six women at various places across the city has now been arrested.

On Monday, SAPD shared Terrence Palumbo's photo on its Facebook page, asking for the community's help in finding him. He was arrested three days later by police.

ORIGINAL STORY: Man sought in indecent exposure spree

According to an arrest affidavit, Palumbo first exposed himself to a woman March 25 at a Target store on Bitters Road near Highway 281.

Police said Palumbo exposed himself five other times -- on May 16 and May 28, and then July 7, 17 and 21.


SAPD officials said Palumbo was arrested overnight by Department of Public Safety troopers at his home in the 9700 block of Vale, which is on the city's Far West Side near Marbach Road.

At the location, DPS troopers said they discovered a large quantity of marijuana plants inside Palumbo's home.

Palumbo is being charged with three counts of indecent exposure, along with possession of marijuana. His bail has been set at $7,000. has contacted the SAPD to find out if additional indecent exposure charges will be filed against Palumbo.

Below is the timeline of the indecent exposure incidents Palumbo is accused of.

((WARNING: Some of the descriptions are extremely graphic))

March 25: According to a police report, a woman was sitting inside her vehicle in the Target parking lot when Palumbo pulled up next to her, backed up his seat and began to masturbate while watching her.

The woman said that's when she confronted Palumbo and began recording him on her phone. In the video, Palumbo is seen masturbating while thrusting his hips up above the window, the police report said. The police report stated the video also captured Palumbo's license plate.

May 16: According to a police report, a woman told police that when she pulled into a shopping center in the 177000 block of U.S. Highway 281 North to use her phone, Palumbo pulled up next to her parked vehicle. When she looked over, the woman told police that Palumbo exposed himself to her and began masturbating inside his vehicle.

The report said the woman immediately called the police and told the responding SAPD officer that she was worried about the children who could potentially see Palumbo's sexual exposure.

May 28: According to a police report, a woman told police she saw Palumbo masturbating in his vehicle while parked on the produce side of an H-E-B grocery store, located in the 15000 block of U.S. Highway 281 near San Pedro Avenue.

The police report said the victim and Palumbo were no longer at the location, but that the SAPD officer discovered several similar calls for the same type of behavior. The officer then contacted the Police Department's Special Victims Unit.

July 7: According to a police report, Palumbo drove to a Shell gas station near the intersection of Marbach Road and South Ellison Drive. A woman told police she was pumping gas when she heard moaning coming from a vehicle and saw Palumbo masturbating while looking at her.

When she asked what he was doing, Palumbo apologized and drove away, the police report stated. The woman was able to get Palumbo's license, police said.

July 17: A woman who was driving on a highway told police that she saw a man keeping pace with her and when she looked over at him, Palumbo was masturbating while looking at her, according to a police report. The woman told police when they made eye contact, Palumbo put his tongue between his fingers and flicked his tongue at her.

According to the police report, the woman said Palumbo continued to masturbate in his car while preventing her from exiting the highway. The woman said she was finally able to exit at Old Pearsall Road and managed to get Palumbo's license plate number.

July 21: According to a police report, a woman told police that Palumbo pulled up to a business' drive-thru window in the 2200 block of Thousand Oaks and ordered a coffee. After paying and receiving his coffee, the woman said Palumbo stayed in the drive-thru and began to masturbate in front of her.

When she slammed the drive-thru window and walked away, Palumbo drove off, the police report said. 

Police said they were qualified to obtain surveillance footage, which shows the incident involving Palumbo, the police report stated.

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Posted by San Antonio Police Department on Monday, August 13, 2018

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