3 Texas high school students charged after allegedly planning attack on their school

17-year-old seniors have been charged with making a terroristic threat

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TAYLOR, Texas – Three Texas high school students are in custody after they allegedly were overheard in a classroom by several students talking about plans to attack the school, KTBC in Austin reports.

According to KTBC, 17-year-old students Devant Davis-Brooks, Kadin Watson and Emmanuel Tejas Pina have been charged with making a terroristic threat.

The Taylor Police Department said the three Taylor High School seniors had discussed plans to coordinate a shooting and use explosives.

KTBC said none of the students were found to be in possession of any weapons at the time of their arrest. The school began class on Monday.

"I am impressed that this incident was reported by responsible Taylor High School students and taken seriously by the Taylor High School administrators," said Taylor Police Chief Henry Fluck to KTBC. "The High School administrators immediately notified the two Taylor police officers who were on campus at the time. I am pleased that it was handled swiftly with Taylor police officers being able to effectively intervene to remove the threat and that both students and staff are safe. It is important that the student suspects are being held criminally accountable for their threats and their violent plan." 

The three students have been taken to the Williamson County Jail.

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