TECH SA: New device measures temperatures for diabetics at risk of foot ulcers

Device is connected to app for convenience, makers say

SAN ANTONIO – The startup MR3 Health is selling a service and a device to measure temperature for diabetics at risk of foot ulcers. 

“The thermometer has an on switch and the ring here picks up temperature and we touch the ring and it beeps. As soon as it beeps, it’s ready to take another temperature,” Stan Marett, president of MR3 Health, said. 

The device is connected to an app to make it more convenient for people.

“When we acquired this dermal thermometer that takes skin temperature, so people with neuropathy who have no feeling, temperature is an indicator of what’s going on with their feet, so we acquired that and put technology and we added a Bluetooth chip to it that made some other technology enhancements, created the mobile app, so we contracted that out to engineers to do all that work,” Marett said. “We’ve been field testing it and now we are in the market selling it.” 

They are looking for trends that change on a daily basis. 

“It was developed in a clinic by a leading medical professional who is a podiatrist as well as also working with endocrinologists and other providers,” Kris Knopf, executive vice president of sales and digital marketing, said. 

They are working directly with medical groups that have patients who are dealing with the issue. 

“We also work on compliance with the patient, so if the patient is not taking their reading we know that they didn’t take their reading and we would call,” Marett said. 

“There’s been such a big shift in the health care industry today with more of the remote patient monitoring,” Knopf said. 

Marett said they are looking at other products in the temperature market. 

“It’s been an underserved area. These people with diabetic amputation has been going on for a long time and the sad thing is that it's preventable now with technology, we can prove that,” Marett said. 

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