Homeowners concerned about constant late-night, suspicious activity in NW Side neighborhood

19-year-old shot Monday night

SAN ANTONIO – Homeowners in the Oakmont Downs subdivision on the Northwest Side, where a 19-year-old was shot multiple times Monday, said they are concerned about suspicious activity going on at a nearby park late at night for some time.

Cathy Luna lives next to the park and helped the teenager until the ambulance arrived.

Police said 19-year-old Zachary Parrish and three other people were involved in an argument when one of them shot Parrish.

Police said one of the suspects was taken to the police station by his father. That suspect was able to provide them with information about the shooter.

No arrests have been made.

Luna and other people who live next to the park said they often see people there late at night. But she says she stopped calling police about the late night groups at the park when she noticed neither police nor the homeowners association would get involved in stopping it.

“When we first moved here, we used to call the police, but by the time police would come, they would see them coming, so they would climb over the fence. They would take off,” she said.

Luna and other neighbors say the HOA needs to do something about the missing gate and a large hole on the fence near the drainage ditch that gives people access in and out of the subdivision.  

“A lot of the kids climb under there late at night. They are out here at 2 a.m. doing who knows what,” she said. “We need to protect our neighborhood.”

A spokesperson for the HOA said the fence gate and drainage hole under the fence cannot be touched due to liability concerns.

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