US law enforcement officials team up with Mexican counterparts for border training

MISSION, Texas – Federal, state and local law enforcement officials are teaming up with their Mexican counterparts and taking part in a three-day border security training.

The operation includes helping law enforcement officials south of the border with investigative tools to combat criminal organizations.

The focus of the operation is crime scene evidence, first aid and auto theft identification. It allows for a forum for sharing experiences and law enforcement techniques.

A panel included the FBI, the U.S. Border Patrol, the State Department and local police departments and sheriffs’ offices. Members of Mexican law enforcement agencies are eager to learn and form relationships.

“A prime example of how this training benefits our counterparts: They were involved in a gun battle with transnational criminal organizations, and the medical training that's provided in the field saved the life of one of their officers that was bleeding,” said Javier Rodriguez, assistant chief for the Border Patrol.

“Because of the very complex nature of the criminal threats we face today, it requires law enforcement around the world to cooperate, and so events like these are helpful in helping us to build relationships,” said Stephen Kam, assistant special agent in charge of the San Antonio field office of the FBI in McAllen, Texas.

This is the second year the training is held, and law enforcement officials expect to continue it for years to come.