Company transforms military insignia into custom pieces of art

Military Metal Art honors veterans, active duty members

ATASCOSA COUNTY, Texas – Aaron Bialaszewski has been creating art pieces for members of the military for the past two years in a warehouse in Atascosa County that houses his company, Military Metal Art.

"We've done the eagle. We've done the American flag," Bialaszewski said. 

Bialaszewski comes from a military family background starting with his grandfather who served in World War II. 

"Every serviceman and woman has a story. They've all made sacrifices, and this means a lot to me to make a unique piece of art for them," Bialaszewski said. 

The art changed Jason Deblasio's life forever. 

"When we saw that first set of wings, we were immediately, 'Oh my goodness.' I could imagine who else wouldn't want this," Deblasio said. 

Deblasio was born in Savanah, Georgia. He moved around quite a bit after joining the military.

"Thirteen deployments outside the United States to undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia," Deblasio said. 

Deblasio is a flight engineer instructor at Joint-Base San Antonio-Lackland and now has found a home working at Military Metal Art.  

"The motto 'honoring sacrifices, forging patriotism' for our country is exactly what we are about. People seeing that symbol that they sacrifice so much for (is) presented in the most patriotic way possible," Deblasio said. 

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