TECH SA: UTSA Tech Symposium winners hope to expand project after graduation

Device called 'Chuck Norris' is used for cutting tubes

SAN ANTONIO – Four University of Texas San Antonio senior engineering students created a group called TNT Engineering and together they created a device called the Chuck Norris. The tube notching machine is used for cutting tubes.

“We named it because we use a chuck in the machine, tube notcher, which basically you need to cut certain profiles in these tubes to weld them together, and this facilitates them to cutting those notches,” Craig Gutierrez, a student, said. 

Gutierrez said after researching this type of machine, the group wanted to make it more affordable.

“We set out to make a design that was fraction of the cost and had more functions than those out there,” Gutierrez said. 

He said this machine is used in the automotive industry. 

The students used everything they’ve learned throughout their years at UTSA. 

Last month, the students were graded on innovation, presentation skill and much more at UTSA’s Tech Symposium. 

The team won third place and $2,000. They hope to continue to grow the project after graduation. 

“Now, with this attention that it’s gotten and the response we have gotten, we would like to continue in some direction, putting the plans out there and coming up with little improvements that could possibly continue the production of this machine,” Gutierrez said. 

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