SA Spirits: Fine wines, craft beer now combined at 'The Watering Hole' at SA Rodeo

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SAN ANTONIO – People who have visited the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo this year may have noticed some changes to the wine and beer garden tents on the grounds.

For the first time, the tents are in a shared space. 

“One big thing we have done this year is we have combined our outside space,” said Sarah Phillips, chairman of the H-E-B Craft Beer Tap Room. “We have a wine and beer garden now called the Watering Hole so you can enjoy craft beers and fine wines in one great outdoor location. You don’t have to leave the actual venue.”

Live music, activities and games for kids have also been added to the area. It’s become more family friendly and everyone is invited.

A majority of the craft beer selections come from Texas. Austin Eastciders has provided gluten-free options and some options include beer that has been aged in wine barrels.

There’s also been an interest in providing beer for the booming craft beer business in San Antonio.

“It’s become a lot more popular and it’s helped us bring a bigger crowd to the rodeo grounds, and helps support the scholarship funds that we are all here for,” said Emily Massey, vice chair of H-E-B Craft Beer Tap Room. “It just makes a huge difference for us and still have a big following for each one of the taps that are in our tent.”

The Watering Hole also has a Sunday brunch with Micheladas and breakfast tacos. 

A few feet away, the Champion Wine Garden features several selections from reds to whites, to the Best of Show Texas Wine winner, Bingham’s Family Vineyards Dugout.

Daniel Bingham received a rodeo scholarship in 2015 while attending Texas Tech University. Now he is making award-winning wines. That is just one of the many options available.

“What comes here is our top 12 out of our wine competition that we hold in the fall,” said Hannah Menger, wine committee chairman. “Within that we award the top Texas winery as well as the top Texas wine and they are both showcased here.

Guests can also get a meat and cheese platter to go along with their wine and learn more information about tastings and seminars.

For more information on the wine garden click here, and information on the H-E-B Craft Beer Room Tap Room, click here.

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