WATCH: Helicopter rescue of 74-year-old woman goes wildly wrong

Woman spun uncontrollably during rescue

ARIZONA – Video shows a 74-year-old woman spinning uncontrollably during a helicopter rescue in Arizona on Tuesday.

The woman was hurt during a hike at Piestwa Peak when the helicopter was brought in to rescue her.

Unfortunately, something went terribly wrong and the Stokes basket she was placed in started to spin.

The speed picks up and toward the end of the video, the woman can be seen spinning even faster.

A line attached to the basket is meant to keep the basket from spinning but, according to a pilot for the local police department, that didn't happen.

After approximately one minute, the basket stopped spinning and the crew was able to transport the woman to the hospital.

She was dizzy and nauseous after her rescue but had no additional injuries, according to CNN.

Watch the video below:
**If you're having trouble seeing the video, you can watch it here.

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