City Council denies request to deem 2 Tobin Hill homes historic

Homes expected to be sold; some residents want to preserve neighborhood charm

SAN ANTONIO – Residents in the Tobin Hill neighborhood are fighting to preserve the charm and funk of their community as developers inch closer to their community.

Several people on Thursday asked the San Antonio City Council to deem two properties on the outskirts of the historic district's boundaries as historic in an effort to prevent them from being torn down.  

The homes at 307 and 311 E. Evergreen are expected to be sold. 

The property owner told City Council that his attempts to rent the homes have failed and deeming them historic would be too expensive for him to maintain. 

City Council voted to deny the request to deem the homes historic. 

Tobin Hill resident Fredirica Kushner said it's been difficult to see her neighborhood and neighbors change in recent years. 

"They're taking away the old houses. They're taking away, pardon me, the funky part," she said. As a member of the Tobin Hill Association, Kushner said their goal is to preserve the character of the community. 

District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino said the city has to find a balance between saving neighborhoods and supporting growth.  

The area where the properties are located are right along a busy corridor on the outskirts of the historic district.

"What we know is, because of where it sits, it is a place where we can handle growth because it's part of a commercial corridor," Trevino said. "It wouldn't put pressure on our neighborhoods."

Developers who build inside a historic district have set regulations that have to be followed for their building plans to be approved by the committee. 

Those who are outside the historic district boundaries are not required to follow the requirements, but often do as a sign of being good neighbors. 

The regulations set limitations for the height and look of the buildings being developed. 

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