Teen allegedly fed cats to pack of dogs, charged with animal cruelty

Graphic incident caught on camera

SAN ANTONIO – A pet owner says 10 years of fond memories with her beloved feline are now overshadowed by horrific allegations that one of her teenage neighbors fed her cat and two kittens to a pack of dogs.

Animal Care Services officials confirmed to KSAT 12 News that a teenager will be charged with animal cruelty in connection with the incident.

"She's micro-chipped. She's spayed. You know, she ran the block for a very long time. I mean, she knows the area and the houses and everything, very nice cat," the unidentified cat owner said.

Bonnie was named after Bonnell Drive, where she grew from a kitten and lived with the owner for 10 years. 

"My neighbors came over about 6 p.m. (Friday) to let me know that ... they had found three cats, three dead cats in their yard. One adult cat and two small kittens," the cat owner said.

It's still unclear who the kittens belonged to, but the adult cat was identified as Bonnie. 
"It's really a disturbing scene to see somebody, literally, not take into account the life of another living being," said Shannon Sims, ACS assistant director.

Sims said the graphic incident was caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera and felony charges may result.

"We know that there's a direct correlation between this type of behavior in humans, and it escalating into severe criminality and even domestic violence," Sims said.

It's a potential situation the grieving pet owner hopes can be prevented before it's too late.

"It's just very disturbing, because one minute it's a cat. And then, the next minute it's a baby, or a kid, or a human being or someone. You know, something terrible happened to somebody else," the cat owner said.