Bradley Middle School student in juvenile custody after gun incident

NEISD case turned over to district attorney

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SAN ANTONIO – A student at Bradley Middle School, who is in juvenile custody, is charged with possessing a prohibited weapon, and his case is now in the hands of the Bexar County District Attorney's Office. 

The student was removed from his classroom Thursday after Northeast Independent School District police said they found a loaded 9 mm handgun in his pocket.

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The officers responded after other students went to the school office to report they’d heard that the boy had the gun.

City Council member John Courage, who represents District 9, where the incident occurred, commended the students who spoke up, as well as how it was handled by the school staff and district police.

Courage issued the following statement: 

I am deeply troubled to learn about the incident at Bradley Middle School, located in District 9, where a student brought a loaded 9 mm pistol to class. We are fortunate that no one was hurt or killed thanks to brave and alert students, the rapid response from school officials and the NEISD Police Department.  

"Unfortunately, we are all too aware of the potential consequences. On September 28th there was an accidental shooting death of a 13 year old boy by another teenager that was playing with an unsecured, loaded rifle. Texas leads the nation among unintentional shootings of children. Bexar County Officials have taken steps to improve safety such as a gun collection program, free gun locks, and limiting gun shows in County owned facilities. Incidents like these are why I believe City Council should administer the proposed Voluntary Gun Buyback Program including implementing a broader community campaign regarding gun safety. Bradley Middle School, and all our schools, should be a safe place for students and faculty and that security shouldn’t be left to chance or the status-quo. 

Aubrey Chancellor, NEISD spokesperson, said the boy claimed he had the gun “for protection” but that he didn’t elaborate.

Chancellor pointed out, however, that “there was no specific threat to any of the students at the school.”

She also said the student never took the weapon out of his pocket at any time.

Chancellor said it will be up to the district attorney's office to determine where the boy got the gun and whether his parents might face any legal consequences.

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