Vigil held for victims in fatal Kerrville drag racing crash

Two children, 46-year-old woman killed in crash

KERRVILLE, Texas – A prayer vigil was held Wednesday for the lives lost in the “Airport Race Wars 2″ crash on Saturday at the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport.

During a race, one of the drivers, Michael Gonzales, 27, lost rear tire traction and crashed into a group of spectators watching near the finish line, according to Kerrville police.

“I witnessed somebody doing CPR. It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen, and this whole weekend has been horrible for me,” said Autumn Pinder, who was at the race event and attended the prayer vigil.

Two children, 6-year-old Daniel Trujillo Jones and 8-year-old Santiago Martinez, were killed in the crash. Six others were taken to the hospital --one of them being 46-year Rebecca Cedillo, who has since died due to her injuries.

“They’re just the innocent little babies, you know. They were just out for a family fun day,” said Mychell Lowrance, who helped put the vigil together.

Lowrance said she wanted to make sure the Kerrville community knew no one was alone in dealing with the drag racing tragedy. Those who went to pay their respects and pray for the lives lost and those still fighting for their lives brought three crosses with wings to stick in the ground. They surrounded the crosses with candles and even toys.

“I actually had them pick out one of their favorite toys they like playing with to bring it here tonight, and I explained to them that those little boys could play with them in heaven,” said Pinder, who was accompanied by her three sons, all around the ages of the young victims.

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