San Antonio-area woman dies from injuries sustained in Kerrville drag racing crash

Rebecca Cedillo, 46, died days after the Kerrville drag racing crash that also killed two boys, 6 and 8

Spectator recaps traumatic scene of deadly crash at Kerrville drag racing event

A Converse woman who was struck during the Kerrville drag racing crash that killed two children on Saturday has died from her injuries, authorities confirmed to KSAT.

Rebecca Cedillo, 46, died early Wednesday surrounded by family, according to the medical examiner.

Cedillo was one of four people hospitalized following the crash at the Airport Race Wars 2, a race put on by Flyin’ Diesel Performance at the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport.

Authorities said driver Michael Gonzales lost control of his 1990 Ford Mustang about halfway down the track and slid into spectators, who weren’t protected by a barrier.

Two children, a 6-year-old boy identified by family members as Daniel Trujillo-Jones and an 8-year-old boy that has not yet been identified by authorities, died.

Daniel’s father, Chance Jones; Jones’ girlfriend Katy Walls; and Gonzales were also hospitalized. Two other people were injured but not transported to the hospital.

As the investigation continues into the incident and questions arise, Kerrville police said Tuesday that no charges are pending and they are not treating it as a criminal case.

Still, some attendees are voicing their concerns about the safety measures in place, saying the tragedy could have been prevented.

Airport Race Wars 2 was the second event held by Flyin’ Diesel Performance after the first Airport Race Wars was held in March. Company owner Ross Dunagan expected Saturday’s event to be larger than the first.

“We feel this is a great family-style event that will attract many families and racers from not only Kerrville, but from surrounding counties and cities,” Dunagan wrote in the event proposal that was submitted and approved by the Joint Airport Board before the event.

Records show that Dunagan expected about 3,000 spectators and 120 racers at the event.

He also said that “water-filled jersey barriers” would be placed alongside the track to protect spectators and airport lights. The barriers did not extend past the finish line, where the Mustang crashed into the crowd.

City and county officials, as well as Dunagan, have yet to respond to a request for comment.

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