Police dashcam footage shows passerby rush to aid female officer who was attacked during traffic stop

Incident happened in Willoughby, Ohio

Police in Willoughby, Ohio, released footage of an officer receiving help from passing motorists as she was attacked by a man she pulled over during a traffic stop on September 10.

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio – Recently released dashcam footage from Ohio shows the moments leading up to an altercation between a female police officer and a motorist on Sept. 10.

Recordings from Willoughby Police Officer Stacee Wright’s vehicle show her approaching a man’s vehicle after she pulled him over for speeding.

Wright can be heard telling the man she clocked him going 57 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The driver, identified as David Koubeck, is then seen getting out of the car. He can be heard telling Wright that he’s getting his driver’s license.

Wright then instructs Koubeck to go to the other side of the vehicle, away from the busy road.

When she tells Koubeck to sit on the ground he screams at her and says “I’m not sitting,” as he points his fingers at her.

The entire incident can be viewed in the media player at the top of this article.

Wright then attempts to detain Koubeck and threatens to taser the man.

A physical altercation ensues as Koubeck continues to refuse Wright’s orders. He can be seen physically attacking the officer, including landing a blow to her face.

Multiple cars drive by during the incident and one passerby who sees the commotion pulls over and helps tackle Koubeck to the ground.

Additional witnesses then rush to aid the officer as a second officer pulls up to the scene.

The officer is able to cuff Koubeck who was ultimately charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest in addition to receiving a speeding ticket.

He was booked at Willoughby Police Department and transferred to the Lake County Jail, police said.

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