Genius pillow will change the way you cuddle

Big spoons, prepare to celebrate: Your arm will no longer go numb!

By Michelle Ganley - Graham Media Group

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Some of the best inventions and ideas are often the simplest: simple but oh-so smart.

Have you heard of the Coodle Pillow? It definitely falls under that category -- not exactly groundbreaking, but genius.

Let's say you're someone who likes to spoon with your significant other. This is going to be a real game-changer: no more numb arm for the big spoon! See, the Coodle is a tiny pillow that keeps your arm from falling asleep. It's arched, which creates a comfortable hole for your arm to slide right through.

Amazon describes it like this: "Can be used solo or with a partner. Excellent support for side sleeping, cuddling, reading, watching TV or using electronic devices. Great for camping or road trips."

See? It serves all sorts of purposes. Check it out below.


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The bad news is, the Coodle is currently sold out. When it's in stock, it sells for $65.

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