Leon Valley purchases system to get first responders to scenes quicker, safer

City paying $68,000 for about 17 vehicles to be equipped

By Patty Santos - Reporter

LEON VALLEY, Texas - Responding to calls quickly and safely can be a challenge for first responders during rush hour or along busy intersections, so the city of Leon Valley recently gave the green light to purchase a system that will make it easier for police, ambulances and fire crews.

What is it and what does it do?

The GTT Opticom Emergency Preemption Light Control system is a device that will turn a traffic light green and clear the way for any first responder vehicles trying to get through a road.

How much is the city paying?

Leon Valley is paying $68,000 for 17 vehicles to be equipped with the system. The city will get to try it for two months for free.

How is it helpful to the community?

It helps keep first responders safe and gets them where they need to go faster.

Which agencies will use it?

The Leon Valley Fire and Police departments and ambulances will use the system.

Do any other municipalities use it?

Boerne and Cibolo also use the same system.

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