Old Converse City Hall building set to become new senior center

Expected to be completed by the end of 2020

CONVERSE, TX – The City of Converse is moving forward with plans to revamp the old city hall building and use it as a senior center and a youth center.

Mayor Al Suarez said the construction is set to begin in April and should be completed by the end of the year. During phase one of the construction, part of the building will be demolished and the old council chambers will be turned into the senior center space.

The $236,000 renovations are being done in part with the use of a county Community Development Block Grant.

“We like to provide movies, food bank distribution, as well, and different seminars for seniors and veterans,” Suarez said.

Courtesy City of Converse
Courtesy City of Converse

There is a county-run senior center nearby but the mayor said their goal is to expand the services available to seniors and offer different things. He estimates there are more than 1,800 seniors in the city. More are expected as the city annexes more land.

“We have a lot of seniors that are living alone and we need to step it up and do our part to ensure that they have services available and someone to reach out to and this will be a place to reach out to,” he said.

Phase two will turn the rest of the city hall offices into a youth center. Funds for that project have not been allocated, but the mayor expects it will be done in 2021.

Milton Hernandez is retired and lives next door. He said he’ll be attending the center and might even volunteer.

“We got a lot of friends that might enjoy it over here,” he said.

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