Health Careers HS will undergo a $4.5 million renovation

Renovations will allow NISD to accept more students

SAN ANTONIO – Northside Health Careers High School will undergo renovations that will cost more than $4 million.

The magnet high school opened in 1984 and is located at 4646 Hamilton Wolfe Road.

“We’re going to be taking down everything inside and re-configuring it into all of these individual lab spaces that we need, some classrooms as well as a collaborative space, so all students can work together,” said Deborah Schaefer, NISD career and technical education director.

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Schaefer said new equipment will also be added.

“For example, we haven’t had a simulated hospital room to this magnitude. So, obviously we’ll be able to bring in some new equipment with that,” Schaefer said.

The school offers many careers that allow students to find jobs right after high school.

“Students actually are earning dental assistant certifications as they enter into the workforce. We’re offering medical assisting programs, sterile processing programs, where in San Antonio that’s one of the biggest job needs in our immediate medical center,” Schaefer said.

The school also offers a program for students to become pharmacy technicians. They can get hired right out of high school.

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Schaefer said every year they have a waiting list for students who want to attend the school.

“They have about 850 students now, give or take, and we are looking to expand that by about 50 students per grade level in the next four years,” Schaefer said.

School district officials said the work is expected to begin in May. They hope to complete the project by the end of the year.

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