Great Graduates 2020: Alex Kubon

Vice President of environment club raised $75,000 for homeless in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Big goals and a positive attitude, that’s how Alex Kubon said he was able to achieve a major milestone that helped him standout to several universities.

Kubon is graduating in the top ten of his senior class at NISD’s Communications Arts High School and was accepted to both Trinity University and Purdue University.

When Kubon was eleven years old he set a goal for himself, attempting to accomplish something that only roughly 450 people have done in the history of the Boy Scouts of America Organization -- earn all 138 badges.

“My goal from the beginning was to try and get the 138. So I kind of thought I was gonna be able to get it. But I thought you can’t have self-doubt in your head like that when you’re twelve years old and you’re trying to do something,” he said.

Kubon was vice-president of the environment club and raised $75,000 for dinner and hygiene kits for the homeless community in San Antonio as part of his Eagle Scout project.

“I think the accomplishment did help me stand out. And it shows the universities that I am more involved with things in my community than just trying to get good grades in school,” he said.

As a result, the senior’s accomplishments caught the attention of one of the most prestigious universities in the nation.

“I’m going to Purdue University and I’ll be majoring in data science,” he said.

The interest was first discovered after watching the film, “Moneyball”.

“After I saw it, I went and read the book and I was completely fascinated,” he said.

His interest was enhanced by other books focused on sabermetrics.

“What it does, is it takes every single major league player from the year and alphabet alphabetized and then just goes through like, talking about like what they did and like how they’re valuable to their team, basically,” he said.

With his skills and a future degree from Purdue, thats what Alex hopes to do for an analytics department of a major league baseball team.

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