Great Graduates 2020: Valeria Valle

Valedictorian of Jefferson High School is headed to UT-Austin in fall

Great Graduates 2020: Valeria Valle
Great Graduates 2020: Valeria Valle

SAN ANTONIO – Valeria Valle is the valedictorian at Jefferson High School and she is very excited about going to the University of Texas at Austin in the fall, where she plans to study biochemistry.

Valle is also excited about getting into medical school in the future so, she can become a dermatologist.

She even started her own Cosmetology Club at Jefferson high school.

“It was just a career where I think I would be able to excel because it's something I enjoy doing,” said Valle. “It would be something where I'll be able to express my own likes.”

Natalie Flake has been Valle’s science teacher for four years and she tells us that she not only watched Valle’s love for science and biology grow, she’s also seen Valeria Valle “grow.”

“She started out, you know, always bright, always curious, but very much in her shell,” said Flake. “And, so one of the things that's been fantastic over the years is watching her coming out of that shell into a very confident young woman who has a strong set of beliefs and she abides by those beliefs.”

Valle was in the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and she was in the Martha Jefferson Randolph sorority with the goal to build a better community.

Aside from her community, Valle says she wants to take care of her family, especially her three younger sisters, especially now, after her father passed away.

“He recently passed away in early March, which was really hard,” said Valle. “He had been battling with cancer for about two years.”

“I think no matter what, she’s going to end up doing something that helps the people around her and her community,” said Flake.

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