San Antonio lifts curfew for downtown business district following peaceful protests

Mayor Nirenberg signed a declaration that rescinded the curfew Saturday afternoon

San Antonio photographer Sophia Mattos captured photos of an empty downtown on Saturday, April 18, 2020, which would have been the first Saturday of Fiesta if not for the coronavirus pandemic. (Sophia Mattos)

SAN ANTONIO – The temporary curfew in place for the downtown business district has been lifted, according to City of San Antonio officials.

City Manager Erik Walsh and the San Antonio Police Department recommended the curfew be lifted following several days of peaceful protests in the Alamo City. Mayor Ron Nirenberg signed a declaration that rescinded the curfew Saturday afternoon, officials said.

“The dialogue between the City, organizers, and demonstrators is a welcome development that is emblematic of the San Antonio way, and I am encouraged that we are able to end the curfew sooner than planned,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg, in a statement.

The curfew was originally set for 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. nightly until Sunday, June 7.

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Those that take part in protests are still encouraged to practice social distancing and wear facial coverings when possible.

If you see someone engaging in criminal activities during the protests, you’re urged to report it to officers on scene.

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