San Antonio middle school teacher goes all out for students during pandemic

'It was really satisfying to know my child has a teacher like that.'

SAN ANTONIO – When the coronavirus pandemic began, teachers across the country were thrown into seemingly impossible circumstances. With virtual learning in full effect, parents across the country learned firsthand that teaching kids is far from easy.

Thanks to a candid conversation between KSAT reporter Max Massey and Robert Flowers, a director at KSAT, we learned of a local teacher willing to exceed expectations to make sure her students were able to adapt to distance learning.

“To see that -- it was really satisfying to know my child has a teacher like that,” Flowers said.

Flowers told a story about Carmen Alvarado, a science teacher at his son’s school, Terrell Wells Middle School. Miss Alvarado is “teacher of the year” not only because of what she does in the classroom and online but also because she goes above and beyond for her students.

“Fridays we have a FaceTime Friday, where instead of focusing on content, it’s more about social time,” Alvarado said.

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Like most teachers around the country, Miss Alvarado had to adapt when the pandemic hit, working with her students to normalize virtual learning as much as possible.

“I was eating my lunch while talking to them, and one of them was like, ‘Hey, that looks really good,’” Alvarado said.

That interaction stunned Miss Alvarado and made her take action.

“I went around from my backyard to the front door. I see this lady with these bags. (She had) the wrong address,” Flowers said. “Out comes my son. He says, ‘Oh, Miss Alvarado!’”

After a back-and-forth stare with his son, Flowers opened the bag, and it was filled with food.

“The parent didn’t want it, but I couldn’t go to bed knowing someone’s going to go to bed hungry,” Alvarado said.

“My emotions were everywhere. To go one extra mile, or in this case, 18 extra miles, to make a kid feel happy,” Flowers said.

Flowers said he has a special message for Miss Alvarado.

“You’re amazing! Keep up the good work,” Flowers said.

Miss Alvarado has a message for all the students out there.

“Try your best, and I know that your teachers are online and they will be there to help you. Don’t wait for the last minute,” Alvarado said.

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