Medina County doctor using sleep aid to help treat COVID-19 patients

Doctor also using other supplements, prescription medication

MEDINA COUNTY, Texas – A Medina County doctor says he’s successfully helping COVID-19 patients recover with more ease with the use of supplements and medications, including melatonin.

Dr. Richard Neel, with Little Alsace Urgent Care Center, said since the beginning of the pandemic in the spring, he has treated a couple of hundred patients with melatonin and vitamins C and D3, along with antibiotics and steroids, depending on the need of the patient.

“Melatonin is an amazing molecule that has antitoxins, antioxidants and modulates the immune system in ways much like the hydroxychloroquine, but it’s much easier to titrate the melatonin. And I think it’s actually a much better molecule,” Neel said.

Melatonin is America’s most used sleep aid, but it should be taken with caution

Melatonin is known to help with sleep and inflammation.

“(Melatonin is) way better at stopping the overreaction of the immune system that leads to the cytokine storm, and that’s basically how it works,” Neel said.

He said every one of his patients has recovered, but there were two that needed to be hospitalized. However, their condition was not serious, he said.

Neel is a retired colonel U.S. Air Force chief flight surgeon with a master's degree in public health from Harvard University and is also an aerospace medical expert. He started studying the effects of melatonin 20 years ago as a counter-use on bioweapons.

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