More than 100,000 voters have registered in Bexar County since 2016

More than 73,000 have applied for mail-in ballots

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Generic Vote 2020 graphic (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Bexar County Elections Department Administrator Jacquelyn Callanen was excited about the increase in voter registrations while giving the latest numbers during a news conference on Monday.

Since 2016, Bexar County has registered 112,951 new voters as of Monday, Callanen said. In total, 1,162,040 voters are currently registered in Bexar County.

“That’s like having the population of Comal County be here in Bexar County over those four years,” Callanen said. “San Antonio is growing by leaps and bounds.”

Callanen hoped that the total number of registered voters would swell to 1.75 million by the registration deadline on Oct. 5.

The department also received 73,613 mail-in ballot applications from voters. Callanen said staff has already packaged 13,000 ballots that will start being mailed out to voters on Friday. Callanen stressed that it will take time to process these applications and mail out the ballot.

Mail-in ballot applications will be accepted until 11 days before Election Day, as per state law.

Voters are eligible for mail-in ballots if they are 65 or older or have an illness or disability.

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