San Antonians line up to receive their flu shots from the comfort of their cars

KSAT Community and University Health System host drive-thru flu shot event

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonians braved Saturday morning’s cooler weather to answer the call from health officials to get a flu shot.

Nine-year-old Armando Abrego rode in the back seat of his mom’s suburban with his older siblings.

“My brother and my sister get the flu all the time, and I don’t want to get it from them,” Abrego said. “I’m scared of getting the flu.”

His mother, Melinda Abrego, says she wants to keep her family healthy and have peace of mind.

“(I don’t want to wonder) if it’s COVID-19 or not,” Melinda said. “I just want to make sure that I lessen the blow even if we do get (the flu).”

In partnership with University Health System, KSAT Community hosted a drive-thru flu shot event on the city’s Southwest Side as the easiest and safest option for families in need of the vaccine. An area Councilwoman Adriana Rocha said is affected disproportionately due to poverty.

“We are affected at about a 13% or so rate with COVID-19 cases and death rates are up to about a 12% rate in District 4,” Rocha said. “So, it’s critical that we bring health care as fast as possible to our residents.”

Although the flu vaccine doesn’t protect from COVID-19, health experts say it’s another step on keeping communities healthy during a pandemic.

“Having the flu shot really will help the hospital systems, enable them to continue helping those with COVID and not overwhelm (hospitals) with (cases of) the flu,” Anita Uribe Martin said. Uribe Martin is the director of community relations for University Health System.

“We want to make sure that our community is taking care of,” Uribe Martin said.

Anyone ages six months and older qualify to get a flu shot, according to health officials. University Health System said they have hundreds more vaccines available that will be administered to those who register for the next two events.

The next drive-thru flu shot will take place on November 7 at the Dub Farris Athletic Complex.

To register for the drive-thru event, click here.

Those registering are asked to fill out and sign a vaccination consent form found here.

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