Parenting in a Pandemic: ‘I’ve grown to appreciate educators’

Here’s what San Antonio-area parents have learned, are concerned about

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SAN ANTONIO – As we prepare for a livestream regarding “Parenting in a Pandemic,” we’re asking viewers to share stories, questions, tips and tricks from their experience as a parent in 2020.

The responses so far focus on schooling, appreciation of teachers and other child-development workers and balancing all the different pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

Those concerns are exactly why KSAT anchor Myra Arthur is hosting a livestream for parents with a panel of experts to share tips, tricks and answer questions. You can watch the streamed special on Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. on, our newsreader app or our free streaming app that works with Roku and other smart TV devices.

The panelists, who, like Myra, are also parents, include a child psychiatrist, an epidemiologist and the founder of San Antonio Charter Moms.

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See the responses below and add yours to the mix in the prompt at the bottom of the article or in the comments. Your thoughts may be featured during the special or on

It has taught me patience. I am a full-time mom and student (online), with five children doing online school as well. It definitely has taught me lots of patience and not to take things for granted.

Jackie Ruiz

I’ve grown to appreciate educators. My son is in a 1st-grade dual language class, and distance learning was a struggle since we also have a 2-year-old in the house. I’m also almost sure we’ve seen every movie on Disney+, grateful for that.


I’ve learned to have patience and it will all work out for the best. I have a 10th grader and a 4th grader. We are all learning something and working together. Learned to appreciate each other and those around us daily. How life changed so quickly!


It has taught me that my children miss school and their friends, the interaction between people, and how difficult it is to teach them and keep up with their school work and grades all day. These moments bring the family together and stronger!


Learned how much more I need to love and care about the real world issues impacting our home life. Have become more creative with integrating educational material for relatable topics we see or hear daily.


I have learned that I am definitely not a teacher.

Amy Wilkie

Doing the schoolwork at home has its benefits, but are these students actually learning anything while being at home?


To let my kid do his work like he is in school. I help after hours and weekends but school time, he needs to do the work. Plus I don’t get this new math so I am no help anyway lol.

Karen Santos

That my house will never be truly clean again until they are back in school...

Melissa Durley

Texas schools are a joke. constant evaluations, no actual teaching.

Samantha LaRock

It’s my daughter’s first year of school (kindergarten). She has been remote learning; I have been very active in the process, finding resources to supplement her education. She is excelling academically.. I am thankful for our time together.

Jennifer Arocha-Gomez

Since people have stopped going to the testing sites and the numbers have dropped, why don’t they go to the schools to test the staff and students for free and see how many cases there really are?


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