What questions do you have about traffic, transportation around the San Antonio area?

KSAT journalists are right here with you

SAN ANTONIO – It seems there isn’t much folks can agree on in 2020, but a deep hatred of traffic is universal.

While our journalists can’t wave a magic wand to fix congestion on your daily drive, we want to do everything we can to make it a little easier and safer.

Of course, we have live traffic maps with the latest delays and closures on the KSAT traffic page, but we want to go deeper. To do that, we need your help.

What questions do you have about transportation issues around San Antonio and South Texas?

Maybe you’re curious about that seemingly empty park-and-ride in Stone Oak?

What would you like our journalists to dig into, from strange traffic laws to tips and tricks on the road?

How can we make your morning or afternoon commute a little more manageable? Let us know in the prompt below or in the comment section of this story.

Over the next few weeks, KSAT staff will be crawling over your responses to identify and report out issues facing our community, from traffic hacks to major road projects.

These stories will follow the two recent KSAT Explains episodes about San Antonio’s troubled mass transit past and what the future holds for transportation in our city.


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