’I don’t wish this on anybody’: Mother hoping hit-and-run driver who killed her son turns themselves in

Balerie Sanchez said she planned to go Christmas shopping for her son before she learned he was killed

HELOTES, Texas – A San Antonio mother is hoping and praying the hit-and-run driver responsible for killing her son in Helotes will turn themselves in.

Balerie Sanchez said her son, Jerry Sanchez, 36, had many plans in his life.

“He was a comedian,” Balerie Sanchez said. “He always made me laugh and was trying to help anyone he could. He was always worried about me and was actually working hard to get his own place, and he said he wanted me to move in with him. He was putting in all of these hours at his job because he didn’t want me struggling.”

The mother said though her son had his struggles, he was working through them to be with his children again.

“He was trying very hard to change his life so he would be able to see his kids,” Sanchez said. “Those five kids were his pride and joy.”

Sanchez said she got a text from Jerry to pick him up from work on the night her son was killed.

“I told him to wait for me at his job and that I was on my way,” Sanchez said. “He didn’t get a chance to see that message.”

Sanchez said Jerry would usually start walking until she met up with him if he wasn’t too tired.

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