Eating these vitamins can help with depression, doctors say

Vitamin D, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids are just a few


Depression is something millions of Americans deal with every day.

While the mood disorder is often treated with various kinds of medications, doctors agree that eating the right kind of vitamins can also help.

One of the main supplements nutritionists recommend is omega-3 fatty acids.

A randomized study, done in 2020 of more than 600 women, published on found that omega-3 vastly improved symptoms of depression in pregnant and postpartum women.

Doctors say omega-3 can also lower blood pressure and reduce the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

Next, Vitamin D.

Most nutritionists agree many people don’t have the proper levels of Vitamin D in their diet, and that can be a contributing factor to depression.

Research shows people with the lowest levels of Vitamin D usually have the most depressive symptoms.

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