Poll: Half of Bexar County residents say their mental health was impacted by pandemic

Younger women, renters and parents felt biggest impact, Bexar Facts poll shows

COVID pandemic tougher on women’s mental health, experts say
COVID pandemic tougher on women’s mental health, experts say

SAN ANTONIOEditor’s note: The Bexar Facts-KSAT-San Antonio Report poll is a partnership that launched in Feb. 2020 with the aim of informing and engaging the San Antonio community. See the results of the fifth poll here.

A recently released poll provides a new perspective on how San Antonio and Bexar County residents’ mental health was impacted by COVID-19.

Half of the 618 respondents of the Bexar Facts-KSAT-San Antonio Report 2021 Q1 poll said their mental health was impacted “a great deal” or “some” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The survey breaks down which demographic groups said they struggled the most: younger women, renters and parents.

  • 62% of adult women under 50 said their mental health was impacted - that’s the largest share of any demographic group in the poll.
  • People who rent their homes were the second-most impacted group with 60% saying their mental health suffered.
  • 58% of parents with children at home also faced setbacks, according to the poll.
Bexar Facts poll: Pandemic leaves mental health impact (KSAT)

“I do believe that women, historically and today, have been more honest and open about their own mental health struggles,” said Talli Dolge, CEO of Jewish Family Service of San Antonio. “That is why on many of the mental health polls women usually skew higher than men.”

Dolge also said: “Women during the pandemic have not only had to work from home but may have had the main responsibility for working with and being with their children in quarantine. This may be one of the many contributing factors to stress and anxiety that they may have felt during the pandemic.”

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