‘You’re not safe anywhere’: Woman recounts scary encounter with car burglar on Northeast Side

Alamo Oaks Apartment resident shot at after confronting carjacker

It was supposed to be a quiet Saturday night for 25-year-old Angelie Monroy and her two kids.

The sounds of car alarms going off at Monroy’s apartment complex are not unfamiliar to her, but that night she said the sound was closer to her window.

“I was watching TV when I heard my car alarm go off. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then it just kept going off and so I just happened to turn around and look out the window,” said Monroy.

It was then that Monroy said her driver’s side door was open and someone was inside.

“I saw my driver’s side window, I mean, driver’s side door open and someone was in it and so I’m like, ‘what’s going on?’ I come outside, halfway the distance from the car and from myself, and I shout out, like, ‘what the...,’” said Monroy.

Monroy confronted the man attempting to take her car when the driver of a white sedan fired a gunshot in the air and two gunshots at her.

“The dude in a white car, you know, comes out with the gun, shoots one in the air, causing me to freeze. I start backing up and I duck into the stairwell. So then I pop my head back out to see, you know, what’s going on, where he is and then next thing I know, the gun is pointed at me in my direction. So I start running and he shoots another two rounds. So I ran inside,” said Monroy.

Police responded to the Alamo Oaks Apartments for reports of the shooting at 7:36 p.m., on Saturday, May 22. Officers did search the area but the suspects were not found. Monroy was not injured during the incident.

Monroy said the police did contact the leasing office and are reviewing surveillance camera footage.

“I mean, for someone to openly do that with no regards, you know, if you’re willing to kill somebody over stealing a vehicle just like that, to me, that’s just not safe. You’re not safe anywhere,” said Monroy.

Police said NCID was notified and CSI made the location to process the scene.

This case is currently under investigation.

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