School district helping students access internet at home; 6-year-old entrepreneur’s earring business; ☁️ how to create a cloud in a jar

Students ask questions, learn about what its like about working for tech companies like Google

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Hello parents, teachers and students!

I hope your school week went OK, including that unplanned day off on Thursday for wintry weather. So many of San Antonio’s area school districts took the day off just to be safe, since the forecast called for some potentially wet and dangerous roads. We’re glad to see that it all turned out alright, even if it was frigidly cold!

Hundreds more Harlandale ISD students will soon have internet at home thanks to a partnership with the City of San Antonio. Crews began installing cell towers around the school district back in December.

The families who live near the towers will soon receive a router to connect to the internet.

The first live tower is scheduled to go up on Jan. 27 and a total of 14 cell towers will be installed. The goal is to have them all operational by the end of the school year.

How cool is that? What a great way to get students the access they need!

Research was conducted by the city and the University of Texas at San Antonio to find the best spots to place the cell towers.

Photos of KSAT viewers’ bundled up fur babies will make you warm and fuzzy even though it’s cold outside

Some KSAT pets might not have been feeling too frisky due to the cold weather, but they sure look cute all bundled up.

Pet owners submitted photos of their four-legged family members to KSAT PINS and we’re sharing them with you. Aren’t they adorable? Did you take any of your pet? Did your children get out and play during the winter weather day? Send us your images, and we’ll find a way to use them!

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💻 Kids wanna know: How does Google gather information? What does it take to be a technology leader?

Kids, did you know there was once a time without Google and search engines? Can you imagine a world and having to look through books and newspaper articles for bits of information? Not that long ago people used encyclopedias and news clippings as a source of information. Not their cellphones.

So, in this week’s KSAT Kids edition of “Kids Wanna Know,” students interviewed technology executive Amy Eschliman, who works for Google Cloud Retail Industry Solutions and asked what it’s like to do the job she does.

Students learned what skills are needed and what it means to be a senior vice president of a company like Google. They learned what type of education skills a leader needs, along with how Google gathers and delivers its information. Watch the extended interview, use the worksheet and view the “shorts” for more information.


Are you interested in bringing noun to your school or classroom to take part in an interview? You can do so by clicking here. Class interviews will be shown online and in this newsletter and will also be seen on GMSA at 9 a.m. on weekdays on KSAT 12.

KSAT Kids Student Spotlight

Also this week, we’re highlighting a 6-year-old entrepreneur’s earring business that is a shining example of success found at DreamWeek here in San Antonio.

Sonya Martinez founded her own business, the Honey Breeze Collection, after wanting to make earrings for her friends and had access to a 3-D printer. The next thing you know, her company was up and running.

“It all seamlessly came together. She made a logo and had her business name kind of figured out relatively quick,” Felicia Martínez, Sonya’s mother, said.

The programs happening over the next two weeks at Port San Antonio during DreamWeek hope to inspire future scientists, astronauts, engineers and in Sonya’s case, entrepreneurs.

“I want everybody to feel happy and unique,” Sonya said.

Do you know of a student, classroom or school that is doing amazing work and deserves to be featured in KSAT Kids? Nominate someone by emailing

Kaiti’s Science Lab visits King Elementary: Make a cloud form in a jar

Meteorologist Kaiti Blake visited King Elementary on Wednesday for another live science experiment.

Kaiti -- along with a class full of fifth graders -- tried a super fun and simple experiment that showed the physical changes and reactions that happen when clouds form within the atmosphere.

The activity is courtesy of Cool Science Experiments Headquarters.

If you’re a teacher or administrator and would like Kaiti to visit your school, email Kaiti at:

Parents and guardians: upload a video of your child performing the activity by clicking here. Send it in and you might see it on GMSA @ 9 a.m.!

KSAT 12′s Educator of the Month Contest

And lastly, do you know someone or have a favorite teacher or educator who goes above and beyond in the classroom?

As a husband of a teacher, I know educators deserve more recognition.

To that end, KSAT 12 has launched the Educator of the Month Contest for our K-12 educators within the KSAT 12 viewing area. From November 2021 to May 2022, KSAT 12 management and Firstmark Credit Union will determine which educators will receive the lucky title of Educator of the Month based on your nominations!

One educator will be selected each month throughout the contest and will receive a $500 Visa gift card presented by Firstmark Credit Union and receive a trophy that says “Educator of the Month” with the educator’s name. To nominate an educator, click here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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