KSAT Community Vaccine Phone Bank: UH medical staff answered viewers questions

Highlights from the event included monkeypox, boosters and staying updated on immunizations.

KSAT Community Vaccine Phone Bank

San Antonio – Medical professionals from University Health, including Dr. Jason Bowling, answered viewers questions during the back-to-school vaccine phone bank on July 27th.

The biggest takeaways included the importance of discussing what age-appropriate vaccines are available and catching up on the immunizations your child may have missed. Many viewers were eager to learn more about monkeypox and COVID-19 boosters.


Vaccines and immunizations:

  • Talk with your child’s doctor to make sure they are on schedule and have the appropriate vaccines for their age.
  • With flu season (October) around the corner, consider getting the flu vaccine before school starts.
  • If you’ve missed any scheduled immunizations, it’s never too late to catch up. Talking with your child’s doctor will give them a chance to get your kids back on track.
  • University Health is holding a school-based event pop up clinic. You can view the locations of their next clinic and register here. Most insurance is accepted, and financial assistance is available to those who qualify.

Covid-19 and boosters:

  • The COVID-19 vaccine can be administered to children as young as 6 months. Parents and guardians should talk with their child’s doctor about which COVID-19 vaccine is appropriate.
  • Some people may experience side effects, which is an indication your body is building protection, so completing the vaccine series before school starts may be something to consider.
  • Anyone who wants to receive a COVID-19 booster or people who have a moderately or severely weakened immune system should consult their doctor.

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Maintaining your child’s vaccinations is important for their health and it’s required by law for students in the state of Texas.

On July 27, KSAT is hosting a Community Vaccine Phone Bank.

Medical professionals from University Health will be available from 5 to 7 p.m. to answer your questions about vaccines. (Find more information from University Health here.)

So, what questions do you have about vaccinations for your child?

-The 2022 Back to School Vaccine Phone Bank is closed-

You can also submit a question below and we’ll ask them to the medical experts from University Health.

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