Tech Port SA taking on a new name and a major investment

‘A $2.3 million dollar investment will go into area stem programs’

SAN ANTONIO – Major advances in the world of science and technology are made every day, and some of those advances are happening right here in the Alamo City.

Boeing announced a huge contribution in partnership with the Kelly Heritage foundation.

A $2.3 million investment will go into area STEM programs and an exhibit out of the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology. The museum’s founder and CEO, David Monroe, says it’s a significant contribution.

“It’s the largest and the most expensive exhibit,” said Monroe.

The exhibit, Area 21 at SAMSAT, is the facility’s latest museum. Monroe says it is key to conveying to the public and students the concepts of science and technology and hope to bridge the gap between schools, the workforce, and customers of technology.

Another major announcement was the center’s new name. It will now be called The Boeing Center at Tech Port.

Port San Antonio’s president and CEO Jim Herschbach says this is only the beginning and adds the future for the youth of San Antonio is looking brighter.

“Our profits go into funding educational activities, and with Boeing support, we aim to bring 150,000 kids a year through this building, get at least 1500 of them so excited they want to come back and participate in educational programs,” said Herschbach.

One student who is hoping to one day major in software engineering says local investments in STEM programs are opening the door to future generations of innovators.

“I think it’s cool that all this going here are just we have been given so many more new opportunities to do whatever they want here. When I when I first heard, I was moving to Texas, I wasn’t expecting something. So, like, advance like this is something that you would see, in Silicon Valley, like this is just so big,” said Kian Barrow, South San High School student.

About the Authors:

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