Police chase down suspect running from scene of multiple car burglaries

2 officers suffered minor injuries during pursuit

SAN ANTONIO – Two San Antonio police officers are nursing some minor cuts and scrapes after chasing down a car burglary suspect Monday morning on the city’s West Side.

Police initially were responding to a call shortly after 7 a.m. about a suspicious person at an apartment complex on Ingram Road near Highway 151.

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As they drove through the parking lot, they say they noticed a man who appeared to be breaking into cars.

“They pursued that individual who was running away,” said Sgt. Andrew Valle with SAPD. “During the course of that pursuit, a couple of officers got scraped up.”

Two San Antonio police officers suffered minor injuries from barbed wire on Monday, March 13, 2023, while chasing a burglary suspect through woods near Ingram Road and Highway 151. (ksat)

The officers covered a lot of ground during the chase, running through a wooded area and scaling fences.

“Splinters,” Valle said. “I think there’s some barbed wire back there as well. But they’ll be fine.”

Both were treated by paramedics at the scene.

The suspect was taken into custody on misdemeanor charges.

After his capture, officers returned to the apartment complex to assess the damage that he allegedly did.

One car owner spoke to KSAT 12 News off camera, saying she suspects she may have left her car door unlocked.

A crime scene investigator checks a car for evidence as the vehicle owner looks on. (KSAT 12 News)

Still, she said she noticed right away that someone had gone through her car.

She found her glove compartment open and a wallet, that contained only paperwork, missing from it.

There was no visible damage on her vehicle, she said.

Police also spent time talking to other vehicle owners.

However, they were not able to say right away how the suspect allegedly got into those or exactly how many were hit.

Valle said car burglaries are a persistent problem throughout the city right now.

But he says he is glad, this time, they were able to strike back by making an arrest.

“Good teamwork. We had the helicopter help out, and it worked out to where this one guy was apprehended,” he said.

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