Child injured in tree collapse at San Antonio Zoo released from hospital, officials say

It’s still unknown what caused the tree to fall

SAN ANTONIO – A child who was seriously injured after a tree broke and fell on her at the San Antonio Zoo earlier this month has been released from University Hospital, according to health officials.

The child, who hasn’t been named, has been hospitalized since the incident happened on Wednesday, March 15.

Six other people were hospitalized but have since been discharged.

The tree’s collapse happened during a week of spring break for many schoolchildren.

When the tree fell, many of the zoo guests were seen rushing toward the scene to help anyone who may have been injured. The zoo’s security/EMT team were also nearby to help the victims.

Watch: Videos show chaos, people scrambling to help after tree falls on visitors at the San Antonio Zoo

At last check, it’s still unknown what led to the tree’s fall.

An arborist previously told KSAT that the tree may have been overweight and may have had some decay, but that hasn’t been confirmed by zoo officials.

We’ll bring more updates as they become available.

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