Steele High School student arrested for starting rumor that he had a gun

15-year-old charged with false alarm or report, a state jail felony

Byron P. Steele II High School in Schertz Cibolo Universal City Independent School District. (Google)

CIBOLO, Texas – A 15-year-old Steele High School student was arrested Thursday for starting a rumor that he had a gun.

According to Cibolo Interim Chief of Police John Wells, a parent called 911 about a text they received from their son or daughter who attends Steele stating that someone was shooting inside the school.

After officers arrived and investigated, it was determined that the text was a rumor that had spread rapidly throughout campus since lunch, Wells said. The rumor started after two students were overheard having a conversation about a gun. The students reported the incident to administrators, who acted quickly and pulled the students involved into the office. Everyone was searched and no weapons were located.

After talking to witnesses, the student was detained for telling several students that he had a gun and they had 15 minutes to get off campus.

The student was charged with false alarm or report, a state jail felony.

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