Texas governor to speak about ‘continued protest violence’ in the state at 1 p.m.

Briefing will be livestreamed in this article

SAN ANTONIO – Gov. Greg Abbott will give a briefing Tuesday afternoon in response to protests, which have ranged from peaceful to violent, in Texas.

The briefing is slated to begin at 1 p.m. at Dallas City Hall. It will be livestreamed in this article but delays are possible. If there is not a livestream available, check back at a later time.

The governor’s press office says he will speak on “the state’s response to continued protest violence," alongside Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus.

Demonstrations have erupted in the North Texas cities, as well as San Antonio, Austin and Houston, as the death of George Floyd has ignited a call for reform nationwide. Floyd was pronounced dead after a now-former Minneapolis police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

Three San Antonio police officers injured after Saturday’s peaceful protests turned violent

Abbott’s briefing will come a day after President Donald Trump demanded governors get tougher in cracking down on violence among some demonstrations, citing a Dallas incident where protestors beat a man who was swinging a machete at protesters.

“I saw what happened in Dallas, where they kicked a guy to death. I don’t know if he died or not, but if he didn’t it’s a miracle....” Trump said. “People don’t talk about that. They don’t talk about that. They’re talking about a lot of other things, but they don’t talk about that. But I saw what happened in Dallas. Those kids, they’re all on camera. They’re wise guys. It’s coming from the radical left. You know it, everybody knows it.”

Trump cites Dallas beating to governors, leaves out details

The Associated Press reported that the man did not die and is in stable condition.

Trump said he will deploy the military to “dominate the streets" as cities see violence and destruction mixed with peaceful demonstrations. Following Floyd’s death last week, peaceful protests in large cities have turned into chaotic violence at night.

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