Northeast Side is Smoking with New BBQ Joint

Dee Willie's BBQ is a treasure on the Northeast Side

SAN ANTONIO – Dee Willie’s BBQ is the newest bbq joint on the Northeast side of San Antonio.

Pitmaster Derek Willis, aka Dee Willie, cooks with passion - something he learned from his grandmother.

“The smoke, the meat, the pepper, the salt; everything that gathering together is, says BBQ to me,” said Willis.

Willis started BBQing in the parking lot of Country Nights bar last year in a food truck but had some trouble getting started.

That’s when Freddy Cruz stepped in.

“I made some arrangements with the owner of Country Nights to rent out the dancehall during the day which doesn’t get used at all,” said Cruz.

Now, the duo is creating some of the best bbq on the Northeast side of San Antonio during the day and getting the party started at night.

From the pit: brisket, sausage, turkey, chicken and ribs are smoked and seasoned with their unique blend.

Their BBQ Is packed with flavor especially their sides like cream corn and loaded baked potato salad.

If you’re craving for something sweet - their banana pudding will satisfy.

Dee Willie's BBQ offers excellent atmosphere and delicious food - a must visit for BBQ enthusiasts.

To get more information on the restaurant, just head to their Facebook page

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