Elder Eats: Top 10 Best Dessert & Snack Spots in San Antonio

Elder Eats Top 10 Best Dessert & Snack Spots 2018

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is becoming one of the hottest culinary destinations in America. Both new and old restaurants are getting recognition as some of the best in the country - and rightfully so. 

This year, I had the privilege of visiting over 85 restaurants to feature on Elder Eats. Every restaurant has something that makes it unique and delicious, but only ten can hold the title for best dessert & snack spots of 2018.




10. Bee's Neez Cones & Coffee   - 20210 Stone Oak Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78258


Back in January, this family-owned ice cream shop opened it's doors to San Antonio. In seven months, they have expanded their menu and added different items that customers have consistently requested - like their double scoop dirt cup Oreo sundae ice cream cone and ice cream burrito.

Along with ice cream, the shop also features coffee and espresso drinks both hot and cold.






9. Sari-Sari Filipino Restaurant, Market, & Bakery  - 5700 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238


 Sari-Sari is San Antonio’s premier Filipino restaurant serving traditional food - in non-traditional ways.

Like their massive 140-ounce shaved ice and ice cream dessert - the Texas-sized halo-halo.

Sari-Sari also has a family-style dining experience called the Kamayan Boodle Fight - where you get to feast with your hands.

Owner and president Camille De Los Reyes is proud to offer her family’s traditional food in San Antonio.

From the lumpia to the sisig -  which is Anthony Bourdain's favorite Filipino food - all of the food is a hit at Sari Sari and perfect for the whole family.






8. Frida's Corner - 1407 Bandera Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228


Frida’s Corner is serving up delicious Mexican treats with a fresh twist. 

They are also serving up fresh fruit smoothies that get made with almond milk, so they are both vegan and gluten friendly.

Plus they have a fruit bowl made with a variety of sliced fruits and nuts that gets topped with a sweet cream made with a secret recipe she wouldn’t share.

"(I can't share) my mom would kill me," exclaimed Flores.

All of the items are fresh and delicious - a welcomed healthy alternative to traditional treats you can find around San Antonio.






7. Kuma - 7915 W loop 1604 N, San Antonio, Texas 78232


Kuma is known for their insane bubble waffle desserts - now - they’re introducing Hot Cheetos ice cream.

The ice cream gets made with two party-sized bags of Extra Hot Cheetos - and the waffle cones get crowned in gooey, melty marshmallows and crushed Hot Cheetos.

The cold soft serve ice cream gets poured into the cone and covered in Extra Hot Cheetos dust.

The concoction sounds strange, but the combination works exceptionally well.

The initial bite is cold and sweet - then it becomes savory - then the Hot Cheeto flavor comes through with a light kick of spice.

Kuma owner Kevin Chu created this dessert because of his love for Hot Cheetos.

"I eat them on everything. It's an unhealthy amount," joked Chu.

He also made the ice cream because of his love for all things San Antonio.

"There's nothing more San Antonio then Hot Cheetos and ice cream and a hot summer day."

Creating this delicious beast didn’t come easy.

"It's been a lot of trial and error. We've eaten a lot of funky different things. We've got something now that we're proud to share," said Chu.

Kuma just opened their second location in the fall of 2018.






6. Zombies Deadlicious Street Sweets - 213 Palo Alto Rd, San Antonio, TX 78211


Zombies Deadlicious Street Sweets has been cranking out zombie themed street sweet classics for more than four years - like their massive apocalypse shaved ice treat.

Owner Diane Acosta opened the zombie-themed sweet shop after running a food truck by the same name for two years.

The unique store is a local favorite - providing year-round scares for all of its customers.

Other sweets include the bubble gum treat made with cotton candy Italian ice and a strange combination of spicy, sweet, and sour known as deadly chow that uses hot Cheetos.

Zombie Deadlicious Street Sweets is a fun place for the whole family - especially a family that loves tasty treats and zombies.






5. Fattboy Burgers & Dogs - 2345 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78213


The food at Fattboy Burgers lives up to the name.

Their food and servings come in different sizes including a slim and “fatt” option on just about everything.

All of the food is made to order and seasoned with their own patented Fiesta blend seasoning.

“When I created the restaurant, my main thing was to put love in the food. When I created my special seasoning, I ended up calling it Fattboy Love,” said owner Frank Torres.

Their signature Fattboy burger is half of a pound of pure beef. It gets topped with the cheese and toppings of your choice.

And you can’t have a tasty burger without deep-fried sides. Colossal onion rings, fried mushrooms, fried pickles and French fries give customers plenty of options.






4. Duck Donuts - 9334 Potranco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78251


Duck Donuts is San Antonio’s newest donut shop and the only made-to-order donut shop in the Alamo city.

Every donut is hot and fresh - and fully customizable.

Duck Donuts founder Russ DiGilio created the concept while on vacation with his family. DiGilio was craving a fresh donut, and there wasn't a local spot that provided any. Since there weren't any, he decided to start his own. DiGilio opened one of the first locations in 2007 in the city of Duck, North Carolina.

The Duck Donuts location at Huebner Commons is the second in Texas - and franchise owner Ben Newell is proud to bring it to San Antonio.

"Duck Donuts is about the experience of getting a warm, fresh-made, delicious donut every time you walk through the door," said Newell.






3. Churroholic  - 4138 S New Braunfels Ave #103, San Antonio, TX 78223


Churroholic is a California-based dessert shop that serves up churros, teas, coffees, & fried appetizers - like their sauced and dry-rubbed chicken wings.

Their wings can get drenched in sauces like mango habanero, sweet chile, sweet & sour and buffalo plus two dry rub seasonings lemon pepper and Cajun.

One of the best dessert creations at Churroholic is the churro dessert sandwich - served with any ice cream you want and rolled in any topping.

Last but certainly not least - the churro sundae. A mound of diced hot churros gets topped with whipped cream, ice cream, toffee, coconut shavings and chocolate and caramel sauce.

Everything at Churroholic is delicious - and worth visiting at least 30 times in the next week.






2. Street Treats - 9156 FM78, Converse, TX 78109


Street Treats is a new street food snack shack in Converse, Texas - created by former Instagram model Lorissa Marie - and they are serving up some delicious and unique treats - like their unicorn elote.

Also on the menu - a Frito pie that will blow your mind.

Feeling like something sweet and sour? They got you covered.

How about their Surfer's Delight Raspa.

Shave ice gets covered in blue syrup - to represent the ocean.

Then - skewered gummies get added in the middle along with a gummy octopus - for that ocean feel.

Pickle chunks fill in the base - to make it salty like the ocean, and the whole thing gets covered in chamoy - because, why not?






1. Ice Ice Baby - 2157 FM 1101, New Braunfels, Texas 78130


Ice Ice Baby is one of San Antonio’s newest and most exciting snack shops - cranking out treats like their chocolate-chocolate Oreo ice cream cone.

A hand-dipped oreo ice cream cone gets stuffed with a massive scoop of blue bell chocolate ice cream.

Mother-daughter duo Loren and Veronica Cuevas run the shop.

Veronica worked at a raspa shop years ago in San Antonio and is handing down the knowledge to Loren.

The store offers tons of Instagram-ready treats that taste as good as they look.

Love watermelon? They got you covered. Their watermelon treat features a freshly made agua de san dia in a cored out melon with crushed ice, watermelon balls and skewered fruit and gummies

Looking for savory? They have a Hot Cheeto pie using fresh off the husk corn, cojita cheese, Rico queso, crema, and jalapenos.

If you love chamoy - the have a chamoy flavored Italian ice that is out of this world.

Ice Ice Baby can custom make any treat you want and at a very affordable price - so cool down this summer with a crazy - delicious snack that won't hurt your pocket.



About the Author:

David Elder

David Elder is the host of the San Antonio food show, Elder Eats. The social media segment dominated in Central and South Texas in 2017, 2018, and 2019, with more than 18 videos receiving more than 1 million views each! He is also an award-winning graphic designer and web designer working for top companies and nonprofits in the San Antonio area.