Holiday party crafts & snacks

Plus, a cracker recipe you HAVE to try... simple but delicious

Craft 1: Wine cork pumpkins

All you need is hot glue, wine corks, champagne cork, and yarn.

-glue together wine corks, tie with yarn, glue champagne cork to the top.

Craft 2: Sweater pumpkins

All you need is old sweaters & yarn

Snack 1: Acorn Cookies

To get started you need nutter butters, melted chocolate, pretzels, toffee pieces or chocolate pieces.

-break nutter butters in half and dip in melted chocolate

-top with pretzel piece and toffee or chocolate pieces

*Snack 2: Fire Crackers*

We saved the best for last. Everyone will love this simple cracker recipe!


-a box saltine crackers

-1 tsp garlic powder

-1.5 tsp onion powder

-black pepper

-2 packets of buttermilk ranch dressing mix

- 3 tbs of red pepper flakes

-2 cups of Olive oil

Add olive oil, spices and seasoning to large gallon size storage bag or plastic container. Close bag/container and mix.

Then add saltine crackers. Seal bag and turn several times to coat crackers. Allow to marinate overnight. No baking needed, but you can bake to add some color.

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