WWE Hall of Famer makes Texas Hill Country home

Four-time World Champion Bill Goldberg, at 53, says he isn’t done with wrestling

WWE Hall of Famer now calls Texas Hill Country home
WWE Hall of Famer now calls Texas Hill Country home

BOERNE – It’s not every day folks in Boerne, Texas see a WWE Hall of Famer walk into a local restaurant and order up some savory Tex-Mex food.

“I love supporting local and Mark has such a great work ethic,” WWE Hall of Famer and former NFL player Bill Goldberg said.

Moving to Boerne in November with his wife and son, Goldberg’s appetite found its way to Compadres Hill Country Cocina, among other local businesses he now supports, most of them, veteran-owned.

“It’s similar to that of a locker room atmosphere with the military and although I’ve never served, I feel that connection with them,” Goldberg said.

Here are some fun facts you may not know about the Oklahoma native:

1. He owns a zebra and llamas on his 150 acre ranch

2. He has to eat nearly 10,000 calories a day to stay above his goal weight, while training

3. He met his wife on a movie set and she thought she’d be working with Jeff Goldblum

4. He has a car collection

5. He loves Tex-Mex food

And for all his WWE fans, good news, speaking with “The Pop Culture Show” this week, he revealed he still has at least four matches left on his contract through 2023, leaving the question... “Who’s next?”

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It appears that we haven't seen the last of Bill Goldberg in WWE just yet. Despite being 53 years old, the WWE Hall of Famer says he has at least four matches left before he hangs em' up for good.

Speaking with The Pop Culture Show, Goldberg revealed that he is under contract with WWE through 2022 and 2023. He also noted that he has a limit of two matches per year, and has already used up both of those matches in 2020. “I’ve exhausted my limit this year quite early on April the fifth with WrestleMania under these really weird circumstances,” said Goldberg. He added, “My WWE commitment is still going strong at 53. I never would’ve imagined especially after making fun of Flair when he was doing it in his early 40s.”

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