This family saves $18,000 a year with simple swaps

Meet the Zero Waste Family that practices a zero-waste, plant-based & mindfully minimal lifestyle

SAN ANTONIO – James and Fredrika Syren decided to make a change when they had their first child back in 2006. Today, the family of five continues its green journey and shares it with anyone who wants to give it a try.

“We wanted to do something better for our family and also for the environment,” Fredrika said.

The family now has a website, book and YouTube channel sharing recipes, crafts and gardening tips to help any family give this lifestyle a chance.

“My husband can now go part-time because of how much we are saving,” Fredrika said.

Here are some of their simple swap-outs:

  • Instead of paper towels, use beeswax wraps. These last about a year, they’re washable and you can throw them in the compost when you’re done with them.
  • Instead of plastic straws, use metal straws. These are better for the environment, reduce waste and they’re fairly easy to clean.
  • Instead of plastic toothbrushes, use bamboo toothbrushes. They’re better for environment, plus you’re not putting plastic in your mouth.

The Syren family also reduces their food waste by “fridge googling.” They see what they have left in their refrigerator, search the ingredients and find recipes instead of shopping weekly and wasting food they don’t use.

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