3 meditation tips to add to your self-care routine

Melissa Aguirre of MelMarie Yoga shares the benefits of de-stressing through meditation & yoga

Melissa Aguirre shares the benefits of mediation and yoga for everyone from military families to stressed out moms

SAN ANTONIO – There’s no doubt the past year has brought along more stress for many people. One way to help relax and relieve stress is the art of mediation.

“Meditation is something that you don’t need external things to do it,” MelMarie Yoga owner Melissa Aguirre said. “There are so many benefits that have been shown through research from the physiological standpoint of what meditation can do to the body and to the brain.”

Melissa Aguirre uses her platform to train other yoga teachers in San Antonio. She also provides training programs and yoga classes for military families, specifically military spouses.

“Yoga is an amazing tool that has helped me with going with the flow--literally,” she said. “Military spouses are eligible for full-ride scholarships, so the military community is something that I am really passionate about.”

Along with her yoga trainings, Aguirre is an active meditator and author of two books. She has been educating the San Antonio community in Adaptive Yoga Therapeutics since 2015.

“It shows through research that it does strengthen areas of the brain that curate empathy and compassion,” Aguirre said.

If you want to try to add meditation to your daily routine, here are 3 tips to consider from Mel Aguirre:

1. Breathe - pay attention to your breathing

2. Body - find what’s comfortable for you, include movement, if necessary

3. Sound - pay attention to the moment and take in the sounds

For more on MelMarie Yoga, click here. Aguirre plans to start a virtual program soon and you can find her books, “The Innate Design” and “From Deserts to Gardens” wherever books are sold.

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