Here are some Medicare coverage plans to consider

Deadline for Medicare enrollment period is Dec. 7

Open enrollment period runs through Dec. 7. for Medicare.

Medicare enrollment and benefits are an important topic, especially since the annual enrollment period for Medicare started in October.

It’s important to know when you’re eligible, what benefits are covered, and what plan will work best for you.

Victoria Martinez, public relations specialist at Community First Health Plans, explained some of the Medicare coverage options to look out for in the Medicare Advantage Plan.

What is the Community First Medicare Advantage Alamo Plan?

“The Community First Medicare Advantage Alamo Plan is the only local all-in-one Medicare Advantage plan that’s designed to help you live your healthiest life,” said Martinez. “With this plan, we include Part A, which is hospital coverage, Part B, which is medical coverage and includes things like doctor’s visits and outpatient services -- and Part D, which is your prescription drug coverage.”

What are some of the benefits of the Medicare Advantage Alamo Plan?

“The Community First Medicare Advantage Alamo Plan covers all of your part A, B and D services,” Martinez said. “But in addition to this, we also cover things like vision, hearing and dental, and we have services like meal delivery after a hospitalization; transportation to and from your doctor’s visit; and a free YMCA membership.”

What does Medicare cover and who is eligible?

Medicare is a medical insurance program provided by the federal government for American citizens and other qualifying U.S. residents who are over the age of 65 as well as those with specific disabilities.

How can someone enroll in the Community First Medicare Advantage Alamo Plan?

“Our open enrollment period started on October 15 and runs all the way through December 7,” Martinez said. “If you are interested in signing up for the Community First Medicare Advantage Alamo Plan, now is the time to enroll. We also have lots of resources and information on our website, so please go check it out.”

See below for a PDF chart from Community First Health Plans, on all the different types of Medicare options.

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