4 ways that this nonprofit says it can help Bexar County residents find jobs

Take advantage of virtual job fairs and informational daily sessions

Workforce Solutions Alamo - building business, building careers

Need help finding a new job?

Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) offers free resources and immediate job openings from employers in need of qualified candidates -- and has a robust job board of more than 20,000 open positions in a variety of fields and top career industries.

Here are four ways the group says it can help individuals find a job in Bexar County.

1) Daily virtual information sessions

Whether you have a question about a certain job, Workforce Solutions Alamo holds daily virtual informational sessions to help job seekers.

2) Virtual job fairs

Check the calendar here to stay up to date with the latest virtual job fairs.

3) Training

Workforce Solutions Alamo provides training and resources for participants to up-skill and explore careers utilizing assessment tools. Participants may begin training in one of the following: High School Equivalency preparation, short-term training, long-term training, and on-the-job training.

Training can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the goals and program one chooses to participate in.

4) Professional development and networking opportunities

Along with searching for open positions, the career center counselor will offer information and resources for professional development and networking. To schedule an in-person appointment, please call 210-224-HELP (4357).

No-cost training is available for clients living in the 13 County Area who were affected by COVID-19 and are looking to gain new skills to enter an in-demand field. Training including electrical training, digital marketing and home health. To submit interest, email sdf@wsalamo.org.

Click here to learn more about the services and career centers Workforce Solutions Alamo offers.

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If you have questions about finding a job in Bexar County, Workforce Solutions Alamo wants to help. Just type in your question into the SAQ portal below.