Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge has a special NBA All-Star Game

His son joined him in Charlotte

By Larry Ramirez - Sports Anchor

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Spurs forward/center LaMarcus Aldridge had modest stats in the 2019 NBA All-Star Game with two points and four rebounds in 11 minutes, helping Team LeBron come from behind to defeat Team Giannis 178-164 Sunday at the Spectrum Center

"I did, had fun," Aldridge said when asked if he enjoyed the game. "Had fun with the game and enjoyed the weekend."

Aldridge, a seven-time NBA All-Star is now 6-1 in All-Star games, but his biggest joy was bringing his youngest son, 8-year-old LaMarcus Jr., along with him.

"It was awesome," the elder Aldridge said. "That was the highlight of the weekend for me, having him here to experience it and just to see it up close. He got some really good pictures Saturday night, where he was just yelling and reacting, and that was awesome."

A lot of adults get excited when they see NBA superstars such as LeBron James and Kevin Durant, but LaMarcus Jr. acted cool, which sort of surprised his father.

"I thought he would be like that, but he's my son so he's me," Aldridge said. "He's chill like me, we are both so chill so. I'm waiting for him to go crazy and he's just like chill, that's him, but I know in the inside he's going crazy, but he doesn't show it."

Before the game Aldridge met and shook hands with NBA legend Bill Russell, an 11-time NBA champion. And like his son, Aldridge kept his cool.

"I met him a few times, and the first time I met him he said if you can't joke and have fun with me, then don't talk to me, so he made you be yourself and just be chill, so it was cool to see him."

Aldridge will now enjoy some much needed rest before the Spurs resume the Rodeo Road Trip Friday at Toronto.




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