Trish DeBerry wins GOP nomination over Tom Rickhoff for Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Live results, updates for the race to face Democrat Christine Hortick in November

Precinct 3 became a free for all when Kevin Wolff announced his resignation of the seat at the end of the year, these Republicans aim to change that

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UPDATE, Midnight: Trish DeBerry has beat her opponent, Tom Rickhoff, in the Republican race for Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3.

DeBerry received 54% of the vote, while Rickhoff received 45%.

“In the primary, we were down. We were down by 2,500 or 2,000 votes, so, you know, we are kind of an underdog. And so that just compels you to work even harder, so that is what we did,” DeBerry said. “We got out message out to the voters. We kept our message very strong. ... We focused on the issues, not necessarily negative attacks, and I think people really saw the difference between two issues.”

“We feel that we presented to issues well. I am happy with that, and we feel like that is a win enough for me,” Rickhoff said.

DeBerry will face off against Democrat Christine Hortick in November.

The seat was previously held by outgoing Republican Kevin Wolff.




Trish DeBerry(R)
Tom Rickhoff(R)
100% of Precincts Reporting

(214 / 214)


The race to replace outgoing Republican County Commissioner Kevin Wolff will likely be one of the most competitive races in the Bexar County GOP runoff and potentially in November, too. Wolff won in 2016 with 58.66% of the vote, so there is a good chance the winner of this runoff could become a county commissioner after November.

Rickhoff, a former probate judge whose political career dates back to 1978, got 33% of the vote in March. He’ll face DeBerry, who came in second with 28% of the primary vote. DeBerry is the founder of marketing agency The DeBerry Group, a former TV anchor and ran an unsuccessful mayoral campaign in 2009.

The winner will take on Democrat Christine Hortick in November’s general election.

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