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The KSAT Weather Authority is reviving a podcast that’s all about weather

Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey are the hosts of the Whatever the Weather podcast (Copyright 2021 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Calling all podcast fans! KSAT 12 Meteorologists Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey are reviving their podcast, Whatever the Weather, this summer with a new twist.

The meteorologists will still go beyond the daily forecast to explain weather phenomena in depth – from tornadoes and freezing rain to climate change.

But the new and improved Whatever the Weather will feature video, too, to give listeners access to visual elements used during the episode.

New episodes will be released once a month, starting in mid-July, on Enter your email below to get alerted each time a new episode is released (or sign up here.)

Of course, you can still find Whatever the Weather any way you listen to podcasts — Apple, Spotify and more — while you’re in the car, at the gym, etc.

About the podcast

Whatever the weather, Meteorologists Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey have it covered on the local news – for about three minutes, in between commercial breaks.

Rarely, though, do they have time to explain weather phenomena in depth. On “Whatever the Weather”, Kaiti and Sarah dig deeper and tell you all you want to know about Mother Nature – from tornadoes, to freezing rain, to climate change. They also chat about what it’s like to be broadcast meteorologists, and the challenges they sometimes face in day-to-day TV life.

So put on your nerdiest glasses, pop on your best headphones, and enjoy.… Whatever the Weather!

Whatever the Weather hosts and KSAT meteorologists Sarah Spivey (left) and Kaiti Blake (KSAT)

How to stream

You can find the Whatever the Weather video podcast the following ways:

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About the Authors:

Kaiti Blake is a child weather-geek-turned-meteorologist. A member of the KSAT Weather Authority, Kaiti is a co-host of the Whatever the Weather video podcast. After graduating from Texas Tech University, Kaiti worked at WJTV 12 in Jackson, Mississippi and KTAB in Abilene.

Sarah Spivey is a San Antonio native who grew up watching KSAT. She has been a proud member of the KSAT Weather Authority Team since 2017. Sarah is a Clark High School and Texas A&M University graduate. She previously worked at KTEN News. When Sarah is not busy forecasting, she enjoys hanging out with her husband and cat, and playing music.